It’s such a headache to send out my application each year.
Take the time to talk about your exposures and your expectations. Selecting a targeted group of insurance markets to approach with your application will save you time, confusion and money. When determining which insurance carriers to market your application to, more is not always better.

I’ve been told by our broker that if we switch insurance carriers that we will lose our prior acts coverage.
This is not true. The insurance markets that we work with will honor your prior acts date. All proposals sent from us specifically state your firm’s prior acts date.

I don’t have time to fill out multiple applications and supplements to receive competitive terms this year.
We understand how important your time is. We can check our markets with any new business application and supplements that you may have already completed. If you haven’t completed a new business application we can provide you with one of our short form applications to complete. We are always willing and able to help.

Can you help me with other insurance needs?
We have long lasting relationships that can assist you with other business lines and personal line of insurance. Please contact us to learn more.